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I have a confession. I have two children. When the first came along we diligently took a number of our kids photos month after month. His mother and I weren’t over the top with pictures but we were fairly consistent. About three years later his sister arrived, and out came the cameras again. We captured a few Kodak moments of our newest bundle of joy. Here’s the confession part: we didn’t take as many pictures of child #2 as we did of child #1.

It didn’t take long for me to learn that this is a common phenomenon. Basically, as brand new parents we are just fascinated at every little development in our offspring. When the next child comes along, it’s not that we love him or her any less, it’s just that we generally take our kids photos together. Plus, as many parents have observed, the unique experience of being fist-time parents is gone. As such, we don’t tend to capture as many of those childhood “photo ops” because not only are we busier with 2+ kids, but we’ve already covered some of those never-before-experienced emotions with our first child. We love each of our children alike and cherish each moment that we have with them.

kids photos

With all of that said, here are some tips for taking childrens photos before those tender years so quickly pass and those opportunities are lost:

1. Get a cell phone with a high resolution camera. Who doesn’t have one of those now days anyhow?

2. Keep your phone charged. You can get a backup battery for your phone and keep it in your diaper bag or purse. Use an adapter to charge in your car while driving.

3. Set a regular time like Saturday mornings or every payday, to take out the phone for a quick picture or two of your child.

4. Add a reminder to your calendar to alert you to take pics at special times. Get a shot of your child while they are napping, when the just awaken, bath time, reading a book, playing with toys, eating, visiting grandparents, while laughing, playing with the dog. Use your imagination.

5. Don’t always take posed shots. Get some pictures when your child doesn’t expect it.

6. Post your kids photos to Facebook, Instagram, or print them to send to family members who may not have joined the digital revolution yet. If you are concerned about privacy, you can create digital photo albums and change the privacy settings to limit who has access to see them. 

7. Schedule a monthly photo shoot with a professional the first year of your youngsters growth. We have one of those on our living room wall.

8. Capture 60 seconds of video of your children every month as they grow up for an awesome memory of their development. Ask them different questions each time for this one minute interview… or capture the video when they don’t realize that the camera is recording.

9. Let your child take some pictures of you and other family members to help them see photography as a fun thing. This may help in gaining their cooperation for your family photo shoots as they grow up.

10. Have your kid help you experiment with the different filters your phone and/or camera has to see the different effects that can be seen in pictures. Use a phone app to add different filters. Try a sticker app to add enhancements to pics like bunny ears or a crazy mustache.

11. For more great insight on taking your kids photo, look at this article: 14 Tips for Taking Incredible iPhone Photos of Children

kids photos

Keep in mind that birthdays are a great time to capture childhood pictures and video of your young ones. I specialize in delivering a fantastic comedy magic show where you can grab lots of pics of your kids laughing their heads off.

During a show, don’t be afraid to step behind the stage area to get a picture of the children laughing and reacting to the surprises that happen all throughout the show. Be sure to get a picture of your entertainer (hopefully me) with the entire group of kids.

Call me soon or hit my Contact Page before someone else books me on the day for you child’s birthday party. 503-741-1268.

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