My Adoption Story:

A Tale of Two Moms

1966 was the year in which I greeted the world. I was the product of a college romance at a time when bi-racial relationships were’t accepted very well.

My birth mother was the oldest daughter of a brood of 9 kids. She labels the family as dysfunctional. Her world was a cocktail of physical abuse, emotional abuse, economic stress, unstable family support, racism and negative social pressure. My biological father wanted to raise me. Even so, my birth mother decided that the best place for her soon to be born son would be in the loving arms of another family.

My Adoption

My adoptive mother was one of five children. She and her husband were unable to conceive so they opted to welcome a child like me into their home. The adoption agency placed me in their care as a foster child. At some point, the marriage became physically abusive and ended after 10 years. Yet, my adoptive mother was determined to keep me. She hid her divorce from the agency and at a fateful point the law changed to allow some single parents to adopt. At this point, I became legally hers.

In my adoption story, both of my mothers suffered physical and emotional abuse from within their family relationships. Today I stand so thankful for the decision that my birth mother made to allow someone else to raise me when she lacked the family support to do so. She made the best decision that she could for that period of her life. My adoptive mother determined to keep me as her son in spite of failing family support. She was sufficiently stable on her own to make things work out…and they did.

Both of these women made huge sacrifices in order to provide the best that they could for their son. I am unfathomably indebted to them both. I treasure being the son of two very precious women and my life is wonderfully blessed by the choices they made.

Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, one of my moms is in heaven, and the other is still with me here.  Happy Mother’s Day to my two moms and to all of the mothers out there who continually make hard sacrifices to provide the best that they can for their children.


adoption story

Me with my birth mom Katherine Daniels.


adoption story

Me with my adoptive mom Joyce Douglas.


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