My kids are in college at the time I’m writing this. But when they were young, I tried to find fun things to do with them, like fishing, paintball, family games, bike riding, story time, sports, etc. I was following the example of my grandfather who created so many fun childhood activities with me. Those times with him are some of my most treasured memories from childhood.

One time he taught me how to catch a bird. We got an old fruit crate and set it out on the lawn upside down. He had me prop up one side of it with a stick that was about six inches long. To that stick, he had me tie a long string. That string led to a window in the house. We then left a trail of bread crumbs leading under the crate. Next, we went into the house and quietly waited as we peered through the open window with the string.

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It didn’t take long for birds to find the trail of crumbs. One of them followed the trail all the way under the crate. At that point, I gave the string a hard tug and down came the crate to trap the bird. I was so happy. We let the bird go but the memory has never escaped.

Daddy Gerald, as I called him, is long gone now. Even so I can share some fun things with grandchildren as they come along. I would hope you do the same.

Creative childhood activities with your kids can serve so many wonderful purposes.

  • Alleviate boredom
  • Avert mischief
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Teach lessons about science, cooking, and whatever
  • Stimulate an enjoyment of learning
  • Communicate family values
  • Exemplify caring for others
  • Create a bond between parent and child

For those of you that still have young ones around the house, you will enjoy my discovery of this great resource for fun outdoor activities with your kids. Click this affiliate link for an ebook of 50 fun childhood activity ideas. Visit KidVentures – Jen Murray.

Creative Childhood Activities

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