Birthday Party Theme: Is it necessary?

You don’t need a birthday party theme for your child’s big day, but it helps make party planning easier.

The Easy Answer For Your Birthday Party Theme

If your daughter’s favorite things at the moment are Dalmatians, theme the party around them. If your son’s passion is Star Wars, then you have your theme. Others use baseball, soccer, football, ballet, dinosaurs, Minions, etc.

princess birthday party theme

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Many people theme the party around the entertainment they have planned. So if you are doing a Cinderella theme then hiring a costumed character as Cinderella might be appropriate. However, it is common for me to be hired to entertain the kids with a magic show at a party that does not necessarily have a birthday party theme centered around magic. Generally, I can include the theme into the magic show.

Popular Party Themes

Some parents like to go with a theme that fits the Disney or Pixar movie of the month. A few years back, I entertained at countless parties that had the Frozen theme. These types of themes make it easier to plan since so many decoration supplies are available on the market for popular movies.

For The Adventurous Parent

If you are a parent who is a bit more adventurous and have a bit more time and money to spend, then themes like, Cooking, Camping, Science, Legos and more will stimulate your creative juices to come up with your own activity and decoration ideas. Visit our Pintrest board on birthday party theme ideas.

Again, you don’t have to use a theme for your birthday party. If you do, then you can usually find adequate party theme supplies at Walmart or for a better selection and delivery to your door, visit our affiliate suppliers at Amazon or for a company that specializes in exclusive products for special events try Oriental Trading.


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