Options for Birthday Party Invitations

Do you really need to be formal and send out invitations for your child’s birthday party? It’s really up to you. Obviously, you need to communicate to the parents of the kids you invite. How you go about it is the question. Larger parties call for more effort going into the invitations. So what are the options? If it will be a small party, then you can maybe get away with inviting guests verbally. 

Verbal Invitations

Sharing birthday party invitations verbally is easy to do and takes a minimal amount of effort. This is the case as long as you have the phone numbers of the other parents or you cross paths with them at school or other activities that you kids share. The trouble with verbal sharing is that the other parents may forget the date or time if it is not written down. You may get phone calls or repeat inquiries as to the location and details.

Facebook Invitations

Facebook is a great way to contact your friends. Just create an event and invite the families you want at the party. If you are not friends with the parents of the party guests then Facebook is not an option.

eVite Invitations

Using a service like eVite is a convenient way to invite all of your guests if your have their email addresses. You don’t need to be connected in social media nor have their phone number.I never had all of the email addresses for the parents of my kids friends. Do you?

Printed Invitations

This is a common way that parents get the news out about their kids party. You don’t need their contact information if you see the kids and parents that your child would like to have a the party. Just hand them an invitation at school, sporting events, church, etc. It takes a bit of time to buy, personalize, and share with all of the party goers’ parents.

How Much Advance Notice?

Make sure you get the invitations out a minimum of two weeks before the party to give parents time to plan. Sending them much sooner risks guests forgetting about the party, but sending them much later can risk finding that people have already made conflicting plans. If there is a best friend or two, you might let them know of the big event further in advance.

Birthday Party Invitations Given At School

Parents have shared with me that teachers sometimes ask that invitations not be handed out by your child in class unless they are given to the entire class. This avoids some children feeling left out if they didn’t get an invitation. A way to discreetly get invitations to specific classmates without broadcasting the party info to the entire class is to use the teacher. Ask your childs teacher if she/he would be willing to privately slip the invitation into the backpack of specific children. If your school is one that distributes a contact list for the entire class, then you are home free. Just mail, call, or email as needed.

Need Printed Invitations For Your Birthday Party?

When you book a birthday party with me, I’ll send you an invitation that you can print and customize for your party. Additionally, you can find simple birthday party invitations at Walmart and Target. For a better selection plus delivery to your door, visit our preferred supplier at Amazon by clicking on one of their ads on this page.

Looking for tips on selecting the best time to have the party? Take a look at this article.

Need A Show?

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