Cecelia Weisz had seven children. That was common in her day. Little did she know that the son born on March 24, 1874 would become so famous that Hollywood would make a movie about his life.

As she went about caring for her family, I’m sure that Cecelia hoped and prayed that each of them that they would do well in life. As she did the cooking, and laundry, she had no way of knowing that one of her son’s would be headlined in newspapers across the world. The young Mrs. Weisz would never imagine that this boy would set world records, amass wealth, and inspire the masses. It’s been nearly one-hundred years since her son died. Even still, his name is the most widely known in his industry. 

cecilia weisz

Photo curtesy of creative commons.

Do you have a budding prodigy in your household? You never know. You may not have a child that captures the attention of the world like Cecelia’s boy. Yet, your child may discover the cure for some dreaded disease. Maybe your kid becomes an inspiration or mentor to someone who has a large profound impact on others. Instead of being in the public eye, your young one may be the the small spark that quietly has a positive impact on her or his peers.

We treat people like we see them to be. So, let’s see our children and grand-children as future heroes for the next generation. If we see them as future heroes we can use the moments that we have with them today to help shape them into that person of influence for the world to come.

Well, who then is this famous son of Mrs. Weisz? He is America’s most famous magician. Not Blane. Not Angel. Not Copperfield. He is none other than Harry Houdini. He died on Halloween 1926.

Houdini Book For Kids

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Houdini’s Life

For in depth information about the life and career of Harry Houdini click here Harry Houdini

Houdini’ for Kids
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Houdini’s Performance

See one of Houdini’s performances at YouTube.

Jack-o-lantern image courtesy of Creative  Commons.

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