Magic Show Discussion Guide

Dear Parents and Guardians 
Please use the questions below as a discussion guide to review what they experienced from the magic show. Asking her or him the questions below and discussing their answers with them will help them in several ways. 

Benefits of Discussion

It will stimulate their ability to recall details and to express them verbally.
It will allow them to share their excitement for what they experienced with you.
You can also gain insight into your child’s likes and dislikes and the reasons why.
As your child speculates on how tricks may have been performed you are stimulating the logic center of his or her brain as well as enhancing their ability to create explanations for things they do not fully understand.

How Learning Magic Helps Your Child

Following this discussion guide will also encourage them to want to learn more magic tricks. Learning to perform magic can help your child in several ways.
  1. public speaking
  2. reading
  3. following ‬directions
  4. building self-confidence
  5. social interaction skills
  6. problem solving
  7. fine motor skills

Do not be surprised if your child wants to go to the library to check out some books on magic tricks or wants to do some research on YouTube.


Questions to ask your child:

What tricks do you remember
Which was your favorite trick?
Why was that your favorite?
What did Mr. Fantastic mean when he said, “Try Try Again?”
Do you know how he did any of his tricks? If yes, which one?
If you wanted to invent a magic trick, what would want the trick to do?
How can a person learn more magic tricks?
Parents, this is your opportunity to talk about library books or looking up some tricks on Google or YouTube.

YouTube Magic Tricks

Here is a YouTube link that will give you multiple videos on magic tricks for kids.

Websites for Beginner Level Kids Magic Tricks


Intermediate Level Magic Books

If you are a bit more serious about helping your child or yourself learn some more highly skilled magic effects, then you might want to invest in the following books that are available via my affiliate links below to Amazon. You may be able to find them at your local library.

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