Business Ideas For Kids

As I was driving today I spotted a lemonaid stand with a support staff of four kids. I stopped the car and walked back to show them some support. One of the girls said I can have my choice of raspberry, regular, and some other option. I went for the raspberry. The eldest boy went for the upsell. He said you can also get some chips, or cookies. I passed on that one. Yeah…I’m counting calories. 


business ideas for kids

At that moment, a voice yelled in our direction, don’t forget to give him some ice. It was mom, keeping an eye on things from a distance. She was right; they had overlooked that part. As I handed over my cash and walked away, I heard the mom speak to the kids. She said, something like, “Now you’ve proven that you can do this.” She was offering a word of encouragement. They had made one sale and they could make more sales. She was right.


This short experience made me recall going to the home improvement store many years ago and buying the plywood, paint and other supplies to build a Lemonaid Stand for my daughter. She was doing a fundraiser for the Make A Wish Foundation. She was also successful in her sales.


wrinkled dollar bill usI share this story so that I can offer you my encouragement.

  1. Always support kid operated Lemonaid stands. (You don’t have to drink it. Just buy it if nothing else.)
  2. Your small effort or show of support can encourage others in ways that you may never see.
  3. Teach the kids in your life about being an entrepreneur. Need some business ideas for kids? Check the resource links below. Note that being a Magician is one of the suggestions. I performed my first paid magic show when I was 11 years old.

Please let me know via my contact form if I can help out with a magic show or answer your magic related questions.


Business Ideas for Kids

How To Build A Lemonaid Stand

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Need A Show?

I perform fun, educational, and inspiring shows for lots of families, schools, churches, libraries, scouts, and businesses.




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