Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about our magic shows.

Pandemic Questions

What about Covid 19?

Mr. Fantastic is fully vaccinated and boosted. Depending on the circumstances, he may wear a mask or face sheild during the show. He wears a headset mic so he can still be heard well. We encourage others to get vaccinated but don’t make this a requirement for a performance unless there is a specific reason to feel unsafe. He does not require that an audience wear a mask but does support this idea. Social distancing is wise and we defer to the event host on how to handle this. Mr. Fantastic sanitizes his props before a performance and uses hand sanitizer as an additional precaution. For a price quote, please use the Contact Michael page or call us at 919-391-8113.

Booking Questions

How much do you charge?

Prices start at $265 but depend on which package you are interested in, your location, the length of time needed, etc. My prices are very competitive, but I do not guarantee that I have the lowest price. I provide a professional quality show that sometimes involves thousands of dollars worth of props. I’ve also invested an untold number of hours to develop and practice my Magic routines. I aim to deliver a top quality show that audiences consistently find funny and awe inspiring for each and every performance. You may be able to find a lower priced Magician, but you’ll have trouble finding the value that I offer. For complete pricing CLICK HERE. If you need to speak live call me at 919-391-8113.

How do deposits work?

When your program is booked you will be sent a show confirmation, at which time a deposit is required to secure the date. I’d be skeptical of someone who doesn’t ask for a deposit. If you’ve NOT provided partial payment then they have LESS of an obligation to show up for your event. Some performers will cancel a date to take a higher paying show somewhere else. When you secure your date with me, you can rest assured I’ll show up AND be there on time. There are certain conditions under which I will waive a deposit requirement, but that is rare.

How do cancellations work?

If you need to cancel, please email that cancellation to at least four weeks before your scheduled event for a full refund of your deposit. This allows others interested in that same date to enjoy the performances that Comedy Kids Magic shares. The deposit on cancellations with less than a four week notice will be applied to a future date to be negotiated between Comedy Kids Magic and the client. The deposit is forfeited if the rescheduled performance date does not occur within three months of the original date.

If the Client requires an outdoor performance, and the outdoor performance is canceled because of rain or other inclement weather, the Performer agrees to perform on the same date and time indoors, or at the Performer’s sole discretion, at a later time on the same day outdoors. Such agreement is contingent on Performer’s other performance obligations that day. Whatever the circumstance, the Performer shall be paid one hundred percent (100%) of the agreed fee whether the performance is canceled, played indoors or postponed to a later time on the same day, or on an entirely different date. Due to other possible performances commitments the same day of your event, a delayed start of the show at the client’s request may need to result in a shorter show with no change in the fee. 

What geographic area do you serve?

Although North Carolina Magician Michael Douglas is based in the Raleigh – Durham area, he also performs comedy magic shows in other counties and cities throughout North Carolina. This includes Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill, Rocky Mount, Fayetteville, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Burlington, Hillsborough, Fort Bragg, Clayton, Zebulon, Smithfield, Goldsboro, Henderson, Creedmore, Wilson, and others. Mr. Fantastic also entertains at events in Virginia.

How far in advance should I contact you to reserve a date?

You should call as early as possible. I book a lot of shows and sometimes have bookings months in advance. To avoid disappointment, contact me once you have a date and time confirmed for your party so I can check my calendar and block out your date. If you only have a tentative date or are unsure of the time, contact me anyway so that I don’t book someone else in a time slot that you may want.

Can you do a shorter show?

Yes, I can do a shorter show but it does not affect the pricing. It takes a lot of effort and time to pack up, travel, setup, and perform a show. The effort involved with doing a show that is shorter than my normal 45 minutes is not much different than the effort to do the normal show. As such, the pricing for shorter shows is the same as the normal show length.

Is your show GUARANTEED?

All you have to do is provide a respectful and supervised audience. After that, if you can honestly look Mr. Fantastic in the eye and say, “I and my guests were not laughing and well entertained,” you can have your money back and keep the gifts at no cost. That’s how confident we are in his professionalism and ability as a true entertainer. Few Raleigh – Durham birthday party magicians offer such a powerful guarantee. That said, in the many years we’ve offered birthday magic shows, not one client ever invoked the risk-free guarantee. That’s because our clients are thrilled with the show and love seeing how happy and excited their children are during and after the show. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied too.

Is tipping necessary?

You will be very pleased by the quality and professionalism of the show. I work very hard to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your child and their guests. Tipping is totally your decision if you feel that you received value above and beyond your expectations. Comedy Kids Magic and Mr. Fantastic guarantee the same quality of show and professionalism regardless.

Are discounts available?

Yes. Here are the discounts that we offer.

5% off of any show if you or your spouse is:

A previous customer

Active Military


First Responders (EMT, Police, Fire)


Please be prepared to show your work ID upon booking when you ask for the discount.

Can you add my Organization as an additional insured?

Yes, your organization can be added as an additional insured entity on my insurance certificate. There is an additional $25 processing fee for this service.

Show Questions

May I photograph or video the show?

Photographs are fine. If you share them online, please tag them with #comedkidsmagic. You may video a portion of the show when your family member is on stage. However, please do not record the entire show.  Thanks for understanding.

Do you use live animals during the show?

My Standard birthday party package does not include any animals. However, some parents select an upgraded show that does include goldfish. See details here.

Other than that, there are no live animals in the show. I do have a hilarious mind-reading routine for older kids that uses  what initially seems to the entire audience that it is alive. It’s a little too scary for kids under 7 years old.

If you want an animal show then reach out to our friends over at Fairytail Dreamer. They do a fun and educational show with a variety of animals. Please tell them that Mr. Fantastic sent you. With that said, I think you’ll have more fun with my magic show, but then again…I’m a little biased. Hey…maybe do both?!?!


What is the best age and audience size for the show?

I have multiple shows. One for ages 5 – 7, another for ages 8 – 10.  For Pre-Teens and Teenagers, their intellect is strong enough to enjoy the complexity of magic that I share with adult audiences. So for these older kids, I do a show that is less of the goofy stuff the little kids like, and more of the mind blowing stuff that older kids and adults enjoy. The end result is that I have a show for any age starting at age 5. Kids who are younger than 5 may also enjoy the pre-school age show. However, at least 50% of the kids need to be at or over age 5.  Young kids may need to sit on a parents lap.  Whatever the age of the audience, the tricks used are always selected to be age appropriate. Lastly, I recommend a minimum of 8 kids for the show to have its greatest impact. A stand-up comedy show of the type that I share is not as strong for groups smaller than 8 kids. It does play for smaller groups but laughter is contagious and the more kids in the show, the funnier it is. Also if there only a few kids and they are too shy to be volunteers to help, then it makes the show harder to do and less enjoyable.

What kind of tricks do you do?

Sometimes I am asked, “What kind of tricks do you do?” Well, a textual narrative of a visual art would be boring. Moreover, the effects can change up to 40% from one show to the next based on the age of the kids present. The size of the group can also effect which tricks I select for a particular show.

Suffice it to say that you can expect objects to magically change shape, color, or size. Things may magically transport themselves from one location to another. What is more important is that I get the kids involved with making the magic happen in a way that generates tons of laughs all along the way. Know that I only use clean comedy and everything will be age appropriate.

How do you feel about party favors?

When I say party favors, I’m talking about balloons, magic wands, magic hats, party squeakers and other noise makers, etc. I think that these things are a great way to enhance the fun at your party. However they are also an excellent way to distract the kids attention from the enjoyment of the magic show. To that end, I request that party favors be distributed AFTER the magic show.

If you are less than inclined to make your own party bags, then I suggest that you consider allowing me to supply them along with your birthday party magic show. I sell show packages that include magic goody boxes. Take a look here.

Is food and drink okay for the kids during the show?

I request that food and juice be served to the kids AFTER the show. There are four reasons for this.

  1. The magic show is an organized group activity that requires a lot of participation from the kids. Food will distract their attention right when the magical moment happens during a routine and they will miss it because of glancing down at food at the wrong time.
  2. The show is full of things that get kids laughing. Laughter and a mouth full of food are a combination that can lead to a child choking. It’s a safety issue.
  3. Your floor will stay a lot cleaner since they won’t be spilling drinks and food on your floor.
  4. Sugary snacks like cake and ice cream can make the kids less able to sit and focus on a magic show for 45 minutes.

Alternatively, the magic show could come after the food has been served and completed. Just not during the show.

When on the party agenda should the magic show start?

I generally recommend that the show start about 30 minutes after the official start time of the party. In this way, families that may be a little behind schedule will no miss out on any of the fun. Some people who arrive late will be very courteous and sneak into the back of the crowd unnoticed. Other late comers are not so. The take off their jackets. They say hello to everyone. They have to go and give grandma a kiss. Some kids try to squeeze in next to their best friend.

All of that is a distraction for the kids and parents who arrive on time. It also distracts me during a performance. To that end, I generally recommend that the show start about 30 minutes after the official start time of the party. See my Birthday Party Planning Survival Guide for ideas on how to make that first 30 minutes fun and organized. You’ll get a copy of this eBook when you request a quote for the show.

Space Questions

Do you perform outdoors?

YES. However, if it is a type of show other than walk-around magic, then I strongly recommend that magic show should be indoors even if there are outdoor activities. Heat, bright sun, cold, rain, wind, noise, insects, and other distractions all can conspire to detract from the impact and value of the magic show. Even the slightest breeze will make silk handkerchiefs blow away and magic tables and tricks tip over. Also audiences tend to sit better and are more attentive when they are not being distracted by insects. If your situation requires an outdoor performance, I still may be able to perform but sometimes need to leave certain routines out of the show and replace them with more suitable routines for outdoor performances. Please note that dry and level ground is required for the show and will also be appreciated by your guests. I also need to be against a wall or positioned somewhere where people will not be behind me during the performance. An electrical outlet is still needed for the amplifier.

NOTE: Outdoor performances cannot be held if the temperature is less than 60 degrees F, nor if they are higher than 95 degrees F.  Also note that outdoor performances cannot be held in rain or other precipitation.  If you are planning an outdoor party, be sure to have an indoor backup performance location in case of inclement weather. 

ALSO: be sure to read the cancellation policy on this page.

How much space do you need?

The magic show needs an area about 6’ deep x 8’ wide for the ideal execution of the performance, although the “stage” area can adjust somewhat to the space available. It is also best if the stage area is set up away from the door into the room. That will minimize distractions from people coming in and out of the room during the show. Setting up in front of the fireplace or the big screen often works well. Lastly, Please have a nearby electrical outlet available for my microphone and music.

How many children should/can I invite to the party?

We place no limit on the number of kids that you can invite the birthday part. It is largely influenced by the age of your child and by the amount of space that you have in the room where the show will be held. The enjoyment that kids get from a show is generally greater when there are at least five other kids surrounding your child with the shared experience of wonder and laughter.

I do shows at school assemblies for hundreds of kids or in homes for just a hand full of youngsters. Just make sure that you have adequate space for them to sit on the floor and enough adult supervision for the number of kids that you invite.

Questions about Mr. Fantastic

Can you make balloon animals?

Yes. As an enhancement to a magic show, I can make balloon animals after a show. I make single balloon animals. When you book your magic show, just ask about upgrading the show with the balloons after the show.

WARNING: Please note that some kids may be allergic to latex balloons. Also balloons are not recommended for very young children. Since 1973, more than 100 children have choked to death from blowing up or chewing on balloons or fragments of a burst balloon. These small pieces can completely block a child’s airway. Parents must supervise children that are playing with balloons.

Have you been performing magic very long and how busy are you?

YES! I was paid to perform my first birthday show when I was 14 years old. My love and passion for Magic grew over the years and now I am often booked for several shows every week. That means book your show early to make sure no one else gets the time slot that you want.

Are you a member of any nationally recognized magic organizations?

YES! I am a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Are you reliable and will you arrive on time?

YES! I think your event is very important and I WILL BE THERE ON-TIME (actually early) and ready to entertain you and your guests.

What happens if Mr Fantastic gets sick?

It is rare that Mr. Fantastic gets sick. Even when he’s not feeling 100% he still performs and the audience doesn’t even know. In the rare case that he can’t make it to a performance, he has a network of associate professional magicians upon whom he can call to substitute for him.

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