Why Your Library Needs a Summer Reading Program with Magician Mr. Fantastic

  • Tons of 5-Star ratings by librarians, parents, and teachers across the area.
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • Keeps kids age 5 + AND parents entertained
  • Hilarious interactive magic show
  • Supports 2024 theme of “Adventure Begins at Your Library”
  • Hassle-free booking and customer service
  • Increase attendance and see kids check out more books.

Some summer 2024 dates may be already taken. So why are
you waiting?!?!?

How many weeks until your summer reading program kicks off?

Don’t take chances on a live entertainer who won’t be more interesting than a device screen.

Eye-Popping Magic & Clean Comedy

baby surprise

Each of our library magic shows delivers at least 45 minutes of fun, amazement and inspiration. The shows blend crazy mind blowing magic with hilarious clean comedy. Your kids will likely experience more ooohs, aaahs, and laughs per minute than they have ever experienced with live entertainment.

My performance character, Mr. Fantastic, is a Family Entertainer, who uses the Disney formula in his shows. This means that humor happens all during the show on levels that both kids and adults have consistently found laughingly enjoyable.

The result is that your library will have a room full of kids and adults having a fantastic experience during the show. Afterwards, you’ll have parents and their kids tell you how much they enjoyed coming to an event for your library’s summer reading program.

High Energy Audience Participation

During the magic show, Mr. Fantastic continually connects with your patrons. At times, the kids will be shouting the magic words. Other times, he’ll get kids coming up on stage as his magical assistant. The suspense grows at times to where you’ll literally see kids holding their breath in anticipation of what will happen next. At other times your kids couldn’t keep quiet if they wanted to.

Many kids will be absolutely unable to keep their seats. Don’t worry though. His years of experience as an entertainer and educator in Oregon, Washington, Virginia, and now North Carolina enables him to maintain the right mix of controlled chaos during the performance.

The result is a level of excitement during the show that is rare among library performers. The net effect is a wonderfully memorable experience for your library patrons and their children.

Activates Critical Thinking Skills

human brain critical thinking

As kids participate in the show, they will see blatant descrepancies in what Mr. Fantastic claims is happening and what their senses tell them is happening. The relationiship he creates with the audience compels them to identifiy the descrepancies.  As they investigate the truth, magical things happen to the surprise of kids and adults alike. This generates a lot of laughs and and surprises that they will be talking about for days. This really helps boost your summer reading program.

Risk-Free Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

All you have to do is provide a respectful and supervised audience. After that, immediately at the end of the show, if you can honestly look Mr. Fantastic in the eye and say, “I and my guests were not laughing and well entertained,” you then owe me nothing.

That’s how confident we are in his professionalism and ability as a true entertainer. Few library performers and magicians offer a summer reading program presentation with such a powerful guarantee.

That said, in the many years we’ve offered magic shows, not one client ever invoked the risk-free guarantee. That’s because our clients are thrilled with the show and love seeing how happy and excited their children are during and after the show. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied too.

I recently booked Mr. Fantastic for my child’s 3rd birthday party. He did a great job interacting with all children and guests. This is the second time we have booked him and each time it just gets better and better. I would highly recommend him to friends, family and strangers that are looking for unique entertainment for any Event. Thanks again for making my child’s birthday a success.

Mrs. Hope

Bart The Mind Reading Chicken wants you to request a price quote.

Free Marketing Materials & Social Media Promotion

Tell Others

We know how important your mission is to inspire children to read more and to develop their minds. To aid in this mission we’ve developed a few things to help get as many kids and their families in for the show as capacity will allow.

As we approach the summer, you will receive a downloadable poster that you can print to advertise summer reading program within your building. You’ll also get a graphic that you can include in an emailed newsletter that you might send out to your patrons.

That’s not all. Mr. Fantastic will create an event in Facebook and invite your library’s Facebook page to co-sponsor the performance at your library. He will promote that event to the followers on his Comedy Kids Magic page and his personal page. He’ll also promote the event on his other social media channels.

Lastly, Mr. Fantastic maintains a mailing list of people interested in magic for children’s events.  He’ll promote the event at your library on his emailed newsletter.

Michael put the WOW! in our 5 year old grandson’s birthday party! He is a great entertainer and has a terrific sense of humor! He made all the children feel special, especially the birthday boy, by bringing each one into his act. Both adults and children had the best time, but the children raved that this was the best party ever! Loved Michael’s interaction with the children and adults. The Chicken Act was hilarious! For a memorable time have Mr. Fantastic for your special event!

Iona J.

A Gift for the Kids

Gifts for the Kids

Kids like getting a cool souvenir. To that end, Mr. Fantastic gives to each child a special “magical something” as a souvenir from the magic show. This free show give-away will motivate them to read and it teaches them some magic tricks to share with their friends.

Empowering Life Lesson

Empowering Life Lesson

Our library magic shows reinforce an Empowering Life Lesson. Kids will learn, and build self-confidence while they are laughing their heads off. They will leave your library and remember what they learn as they face challenges in life. That’s saying a lot but once you experience the show during your summer reading program, you’ll see what we mean.

Full Sound System and Professional Backdrop

magic backdrop

You don’t have to worry about sound and music at the show for your library’s summer reading program. It doesn’t matter if your audience is seated 10 feet or 50 feet away, they will still be able to clearly hear Mr. Fantastic. As he sets up and later takes down the stage area for the magic show, you’ll hear some kids music playing that helps to set the energy for the show. Some tricks may even feature music or sound effects. 

Block Pricing Discounts

magic backdrop

The magic show presentation for the summer reading program is priced to offer discounts when multiple shows are booked. This means that when you contact us to book a show, book more than one. Connect with other libraries in your system (or another system) and give me the date and time that you want for each show. I’ll send out an agreement to you (and/or use your system’s performance agreement).

Here’s how the discount works: Ask for all of your dates at once….rather than us unnecessarily having multiple exchanges via phone or email about the various dates. This reduces everyone’s administrative costs. I pass the savings to you. 

Once you or another library within your library system/network books one or more shows, then any additional shows booked within 30 days of the initial request count towards a discount for all of your shows booked within that 30 day window. The shows don’t have to happen within that 30 days: they can happen any time after they are booked.

See the cost per show below. Also note that I always want to keep things as easy as possible for you. As such, mileage is included in the fees below. This applies to all shows within a 2 hour drive of downtown Raleigh. A small fee may apply to shows at a further distance unless multiple shows happen in that location or that vicinity on the same day.

1 Show


2 Shows


3-5 Shows


6+ Shows


What About Other Types of Library Events?

Foam Party - $325

foam party

  • We transform your open outdoor area into a foam wonderland about 30′ x 30′.
  • The music turns up with age appropriate music and the fun begins.
  • Kids and their families enjoy dancing and fun in the foam at your library.
  • Plus, there is ZERO clean-up for you.
  • Get more foam party info here.
Bubble Show - $325

kid in a bubble

  • See bubbles created that are filled with smoke
  • Watch as we make bubbles inside of bubbles
  • Witness a child placed inside of a bubble
  • This indoor show creates wild and amazing bubbles
  • Kids learn about the science of bubbles.
  • Young and old are amazed as many different types of bubbles are created.
  • Get more Bubble Show info here.
Bubble Play - $325

kids making bubbles

  • We transform your open outdoor area into a bubble factory.
  • We setup commercial grade bubbles machines that fill the air with thousands of bubbles per minute.
  • The kids also enjoy creating their own bubbles at workstations we setup.
  • Kids enjoy making bubbles with lots of different types of bubble wands.
  • Kids and bubble specialists create super large bubbles with special string wands.
  • Age appropriate music fills the air as kids chase and pop bubbles.
  • Get more Bubble Play info here.
Magic Workshop - $275 and up

Cub Scout Magic Workshop

  • Learn fun tricks (cards, coins, vanishes, and more)
  • Kids aged 8 and up
  • 1 hour workshop
  • all materials included up to 15 kids
  • good for birthdays, scouts, and more
  • instructional video included
  • Get more Magic Workshop info here.
Balloon Workshop - $275 and up

Balloon Dog

  • Learn cool science tricks to do with balloons
  • Learn how to create your own balloon sculptures
  • All supplies included
  • Kids make their own balloon powered car
  • All kids leave with at least one animal
  • Get more Balloon Workshop info here.

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