I’m surrounded by educators. My birth mother is a special education teacher, and the mom that raised me taught fourth grade for lots of years. My dad taught while he was in graduate school. I have a brother and a sister who teach at the elementary level. My children’s mother was a teacher for a few years.

I just can’t help it, I love teaching too. I’ve just never done it for income. However my magic shows are infused with educational and motivational content that supports school core curriculum goals. So, I just had to share these articles that discuss magic as a means to support education for special needs children. Using magic in childrens education can really help capture a childs attention and reinforce their ability to remember what was taught.

As always, please contact me with any questions your have about magic or needs you have for a magic show at your event.

Take a look at these articles that discuss using magic in childrens education.

Hocus Focus Education

Illusionist to Launch Magic Trick-Based Education Curriculum for Students with Special Needs

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