Magic Classes to Become an Amazing Magician


Learn Magic From YouTube

You can learn tricks on your own for free by searching YouTube for magic tricks.  You can search for specific things like card tricks, or coin tricks and much more. But, that’s not the best way to learn.

Borrow Some Books

Check out magic books from the library at your school or the city/county library near your home. Look under the Dewey decimal number 793.8.


Learn From Video

Buy magic DVD’s or downloads from Magic dealers like or

Buy Magic Books

Buy books from these online magic stores. Even better is to buy them from a local magic shop if there is one in your city.  Books are the best magic class you can get for multiple reasons. Consider that you can learn maybe 1 or 2 tricks from a video you buy for $15. But, that same $15 can buy you a book than can teach you 30 magic tricks.

I own and have learned from both of these magic books. The J. Jay book includes video instruction and covers mostly close-up magic. The M. Wilson book covers close-up and stage magic.  They are Amazon affiliate links. Using my links doesn’t cost you anything extra but sends me a few nickels.

Mark Wilson Complete Course In Magic
Joshua Jay Magic The Complete Course


Join A Magic Club

In the Triangle of North Carolina there is the Raleigh Magic Club. There are similar clubs all over the country that have monthly meetings. These are like magic classes where you meet other magicians and learn to perform magic tricks. They are generally open to all ages and experience levels. To find a club near you try the Society of American Magicians. Or try the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Learn Magic From A Class

The “Discover Magic” curriculum is the best available to help kids from age 8 and up to learn tricks and the principles behind those tricks. My friend Wayne is a great teacher. Click that link to learn about his classes.


Learn From a Magic Workshop

Hire Magician Mr Fantastic to teach a magic workshop for your scouts or invite him to teach at your upcoming birthday party? Your kids will learn some clever magic for their age level and have ongoing fun performing for their friends. Contact him today.