If you’re anything like I am, then you can clearly remember certain special days when you were a kid. These days rank among my best days while growing up. When my kids were young and we were having fun playing a game, or enjoying outdoor activities, I would occasionally wonder if they would remember this day after they grew up. Some they did and others they didn’t.

As a parent or grandparent, you can create experiences that will leave a beautiful imprint on your young one’s mind. To help create those awesome experiences with outdoor activities, I highly recommend the this little ebook by Jen Murray.  It’s called “kidVentures”.

7 Reasons You’ll Love This ebook:

  1. 50 Simple Ideas to Get Outdoors & Connect With Your Child

  2. Promotes Hands-On-Learning, Creativity, & Active Adventures

  3. Frugal Fun for the Family

  4. Suitable Ideas for Kids Ages Preschool to Preteen

  5. Clearly Outlined Step-by-Step Ideas

  6. Seasonal Suggestions for Every Climate

  7. Additional Printables, Diagrams, and Resources

Buy it Now for Just $3.99

Click this affiliate link for an ebook of 50 fun childhood activity ideas. Visit KidVentures – Jen Murray.

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