Event Planners

Event planners please feel free to use these images for any promotional material that you create either digital or in print. Let me know if there is anything I can do to be more assistance in helping you promote your upcoming event in the Carolinas or Virginia.

Room setup reccomendations.

Mr. Fantastic Logo Transparent

Reserve Parking for faster and easier load in and load out.

Magician Parking Sign

IRS form W9 for tax reporting.

Magician Parking Sign

Insurance Certificate

Mr. Fantastic Logo Small

Comedy Kids Magic logo size 124 x 159 px. For email and newsletters.

Mr. Fantastic Logo Small

Comedy Kids Magic logo size 616 x 792 px. For posters and larger promo pieces.

Mr. Fantastic Logo Transparent

Audience introduction to Mr. Fantastic.

Our Magician today is Mr. Fantastic. He was born in Portland, Oregon and began learning magic at age 7. He has caused over 2.7 billion laughs with his comedy magic show in schools, libraries, tree forts and lots of other places all over the USA. Please welcome Mr. Fantastic.

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Promo Material Copy

Soon appearing is comedy magician Mr. Fantastic. During his show, can your eyes believe what you see or not? Are his tricks real or magic? Whatever the case, kids and their adults can’t keep quiet as they experience the zany funny things that happen during his magic show.

Headshot of Michael Douglas for promo pieces: 945 x 1030 px

magician michael with rabbit

Birthday Party Invitation – Fill In The Blank

Birthday Party Invitation