If you’re planning a birthday party for your young one then you must not forget to have goodie bags for the guests. Goodie bags are filled with birthday party favors for kids and after a bit of checking, I found that you can find party favors at places like Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree. However the selection and quality at these retailers is not as good as what you will find at a specialty store like Party City. The trade off is that the variety and quality of the party favors you will get come at a higher price in the specialty stores.

I spoke to a birthday mom who told me she spent time driving around shopping for these content for her goodie bags and then spent between $50-$60 on the bags and favors to include in them. On top of that she dreaded the time it was going to take her to sort everything into enough goodie bags for all of the expected guests to the birthday party. You can cut out the drive time buy using online sites that will build a bag for you and ship it to you. Partypalooza does this for you.

Pre-made Goodie Bags

Okay, I’ve got a better solution than all of those if your are in the Portland, Oregon metro area. Why not let me do the work for you? My birthday magic shows can include Magic Goodie Boxes that are already made for you. Don’t waste the time and gas driving around to various places and then sit for an hour to put all of this stuff together. My Magic Goodie Boxes include toys, candy and magic tricks. You won’t get a light weight flimsy gift bag from me. Nope. My boxes are packed with fun stuff to keep most kids busy and happy for a while.

Goodie Bags

Fantastic Magic Goodie Boxes


We buy the contents for these party bags in bulk from a variety of suppliers and package these to help enhance the quality of your party and to save you a headache. Some of my birthday magic show packages even come with magic goodie boxes included.

Ok…so how do you get these boxes and/or how do you feature a fantastic magic show for your kids birthday party? And how much do they cost? For a price quote in under 10 minutes, contact me by using this link for my contact page, or call me at 503-714-1268 … If we can’t get to the phone, we’ll return your call within hours. 

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Need A Show?

I perform fun, educational, and inspiring shows for lots of families, schools, churches, libraries, scouts, and businesses.




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