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Hilarious School Assembly Programs to Inspire Your Students

Mr. Fantastic delivers fun, exciting and educational magic shows for

His experience with presentations for young people spans from the west coast to the Mid-Atlantic regions of the US.  Mr. Fantastic is now serving North Carolina and Virginia and the content he delivers is guaranteed to reinforce your educational objectives and entertain your youth group. He has magic shows that are adjusted for students depending on their age range. This includes pre-schoolers, elementary, middle, and high school students.

Elementary Magic Show Testimonials

Mr. Fantastic was great. The children felt as though they were a part of the show. They loved having the magic wands to participate.

Ashley Grant

Woodville Elementary School

During the magic show, Mr. Fantastic continually connects with your guests. At times, the kids will be shouting the magic words. Other times, he’ll get kids coming up on stage as his magical assistant. The suspense grows at times to where you’ll literally see kids holding their breath in anticipation of what will happen next. At other times your kids couldn’t keep quiet if they wanted to.

Many kids will be absolutely unable to keep their seats. Don’t worry though. His years of experience entertaining with magic shows for birthday parties in Raleigh, Durham, and elsewhere enables him to maintain the right mix of controlled chaos during the performance.

The result is a level of excitement during the show that is rare among children’s entertainers in North Carolina. The net effect is a wonderfully memorable experience for your child and his or her guests.

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Goochland Elementary – Student Assembly

Goochland Elementary – Student Assembly

Thanks again for joining us on such short notice. I got great reviews on your show!

Richard Maume

St. Edwards School

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Goochland Elementary – Student Assembly

Shady Grove Elementary – PTA Event

Children like you and you “really” talk to them in a way that they pay attention to you. You also stay in touch and don’t just show up on the day of the event.

Ms. Gloria Gray

D.L. Francis Elementary School

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Goochland Elementary – Student Assembly

Shady Grove Elementary – PTA Event

Recently I hosted a graduation party for my son who is in 5th grade. I decided to hire Mr. Fantastic to perform the Magic Show after reading the reviews. He a fantastic job, not only the kids had a blast but also the teachers. One of the teachers told me that it was the best graduation party ever hosted by the school. Its was priceless to see my son having such a good time with his classmates. The Magic Show was certainly the icing on the cake.

Please do not hesitate to hire Mr. Fantastic, he will not disappoint you.

Ms. Diyana Abdullah

Room Mom, Iqra Academy

School Assembly Magic Show Pricing

Depending on the distance to your school, there may be additional mileage fees.

With that said, we can reduce or waive some or even all of the mileage fee if you help us schedule a program in a nearby school.

Program Fees

One Show = $425 (1 assembly for schools with less than 400 students)

Two Shows Same School= $650 (same show in same location with 2nd show starting within one hour of the end of the first show) Saves $200 vs separate booking.

Two Shows Different Schools= $675 (same show in a different location with 2nd show starting within a 90 minutes of the end of the first show) Saves $75 vs separate booking.

Evening/Family-Night  = $375 (1 program after 6pm). Show is discounted to $300 if held on the same day as a School Assembly Program at that same school the same day. This show could also be a Fund Raiser event. When you call, ask for details on how this show could be free.

Save Big With Bundling

Occasionally I’ll have another booking in your area. Often you can save some or all of the travel fees by booking on the same day in a different time slot or by booking the day before or after. To get this sort of discount, Just ask about my upcoming show calendar when you call.

You can also bundle with other schools in your area, combining back-to-back days, or booking on the same day.

We recommend that you contact other schools in your area or district, or even on your “list serv” and ask about other schools booking the same day in a different time slot or, booking on the day before or after. You can save a lot just by emailing other schools!

We’re here to help you!

    All schools will be invoiced separately.

    Schools do NOT need to be in the same school district as long as they are nearby.

    We will also help you try to bundle with another school.

Mileage & Travel Fees

I’m based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve tried to make the travel fees as simple as possible. The travel fee is simple. My first hour of driving to your location is free. Drive time past one hour is only $75 per hour. This is calculated one way. You don’t pay travel fees for my return drive. If you schedule an evening presentation, then over night lodging may be needed if you are over a two hour drive back to Raleigh. Call for that fee. Remember that you can also opt out of paying travel fees!

Remember that we can waive the mileage fee for your area if you help us schedule more schools in your area. For more information about travel discounts, call 919-391-8113.

Availability for School Assembly Programs in North Carolina is limited so

call in advance to reserve your date.  919-391-8113